There are two main beaches in the vicinity of the house.
Manda beach is a 7 minute walk from the house. It is a long, quiet beach with calm waters ideal for chilled out swimming sessions, and lazy afternoons basking in the sun.
Shela Beach starts at the edge of Shela village and stretches for 14 kilometres with plenty of isolated spots of if you’re looking to escape from the world. (Shela beach and Shela village are a5 minute boat ride across the channel).
With their white sands and blue waters, both Shela and Manda beach are ideal paradise spots. (See pictures in our photo gallery)

Dhow Trips
A dhow trip is a must during your stay on Manda and Lamu. Trips either exploring the archipelago, or down through the mangroves on Manda, or even trips with an over-night camping stop on one of the smaller islands are all possible. Trips and subsequently their price vary depending on their length and where you fancy going.
There are plenty of boat captains in both Shela village and Lamu town waiting for you to say the word, but remember to shop around to ensure you get the best price.

Takwa ruins
Takwa (located on Manda Island) was a flourishing town in the 16th and 17th century but was abandoned by its inhabitants. Many say that once water on the island ran out, the villagers left and built Shela village on Lamu Island. Today Shela residents believe they are the descendents of those who lived in Takwa.
The ruins of the town are impressive as you can see remnants of houses, the mosque, the city wall, and a pillar tomb. The Jamaa mosque is the largest surviving structure in the town.
You can easily reach Takwa by taking a dhow from Manda beach where you will sail through the mangroves, followed by a short walk further
inland to the ruins.

Other activities
Snorkelling and Diving
Lamu Cultural Festival (normally held in November)