Mkoko House
is situated on the edge of the mangroves in a quiet and peaceful setting on Manda Island. The house built on nearly one acre of land set 5 minutes walk from Manda beach was built in a characteristic Lamu coastal style that allow for breezes to travel freely around the house uninterrupted by windows or doors.

Although the house is open in style, each bedroom has a door with a lock and shutters which can be closed to ensure the safety of your personal belongings. There are three en-suite double bedrooms with mosquito nets draped over the beds and fixed ontothe shutters to keep the mosquitoes and other annoyances at bay.

As you walk towards the house you are greeted by an outside baraza (seating area) on your right which is shaded by a ceiling of crawling plants. The entrance of the house is a simple but large arch which carries you into the ground floor dining area. To the right is the first en-suite double bedroom (Nyota –Stars- room) and to the left is a living area with a baraza covered in cushions and pillows to relax on. Off this living area, you will find the second en-suite double bedroom (Mbuyu- Baobab- room) with a terrace looking onto the back garden. The kitchen, also on the ground floor, is fully equipped and opens onto an outside cooking area which can also be used for preparing meals.

The stairs take you up onto a large open floor (walls built only to one’s hip) with views of the mangroves and the garden. The entire floor is covered by a large Makuti roof (the single most common characteristic of coastal architecture). This open floor is the main living area of the house. There are hammocks, seating corners, a Lamu bed to nap on, and another dining table to enjoy your meals with the splendid views. There is also a separate bathroom off this room for anyone who wishes to sleep in this room.

Situated on this floor is the third and largest en-suite bedroom (Mkoko- Mangrove- room) which one enters through a carved wooden antique Lamu door. Outside the room, one finds another baraza with cushions. This particular area is roofless and so is a perfect place to sit and enjoy the incredible Manda night skies filled with stars.

A second flight of stairs will take you up into the Makuti roof to the final floor – another open floor with hammocks, mattresses, and cushions organised exclusively for relaxation. This floor offers the best views in the house and allows one to look across the island’s extensive mangrove ecosystem, the sea, and the plains of acacia and baobab trees.

Eco-Friendly Water and Electricity - As there is no fresh water and electricity on the island, the house has a large tank to collect rainwater during the rainy season that is then used in the house for all purposes allowing one to take showers as normal. Electricity is provided by 2 solar panels installed on the Makuti roof.